The Hangar - Laser Tag Arena


The Hangar Laser Tag Arena is a 3000-square foot airplane hangar where you must outlast your opponents using the latest in laser tag technology.

Once you are strapped into your special vest, equipped with your state-of-the-art laser, and briefed with your mission, you are released into The Hangar. The arena is black-lit, foggy and fraught with opponents, so navigate carefully. To win the round, target your opponents and stay out of their line of fire. The scoreboard will reveal the results at the end of the round.

Professionally designed and constructed, The Hangar Laser Tag Arena is an exhilarating game perfect for friends, family and groups.

No reservations required. Guests under 36” tall will not be permitted in the laser tag arena.

Dozens of game styles to choose. From easy family fun to more challenging strategy based games.

  • One Shot
  • Three Shots
  • Gladiators
  • Grafitti
  • Agents
  • Ammo Tag
  • Zombie
  • Territories


  • Does it hurt?

    When shots are fired, the phaser will “tag” another players vest, and their phaser is deactivated for a short time. No one gets hurt!

  • Do we have to book a time?

    You don’t need to book a time, just show up!

  • How long are the rounds?

    Laser tag rounds are an exhilarating 7 minutes long. For your next round, try a different game style!

  • Do I have to book a time?

    No. Reservations are not required.

  • Do we need to bring special gear?

    No need! We provide the vests and the phasers, and you just bring your game face!

  • How many can play at a time?

    The Hangar Laser Tag Arena can accommodate up to 16 players at a time.